Worth and Green

MYNER wants to change this paradigm.

Bitcoin’s blockchain was the first of its kind, and it still represents the standard in the crypto industry in many ways. It is not the most modern blockchain, but it is the most representative and widely recognised. If more recent blockchains might be better suited for a number of other tasks (smart contract functionalities, for instance), Bitcoin is the one that best fits a store-of-value role comparable to “digital gold”. It cannot be controlled, hacked, or modified by any entity other than its community of miners. It is truly public, and available to everyone – as it should be.

Its “proof-of-work” technology has been rightfully under fire in the media for its abysmal overall energy consumption. This is the major obstacle in Bitcoin’s path: proof-of-work is not obsolete as a way to secure the blockchain, it is just too expensive. MYNER can constitute a major help in bringing this consumption down, helping the transition of bitcoin-like blockachains to models of lower emissions and clean technology.

MYNER is green and ethical.

It is an alternative approach to mining with a green and ethical outlook. Green because every MYNER miner, thanks to the power of the “Green Myner Software” algorithm, can run on the same small amount of electricity of a 300W light bulb – a tiny fraction of what a traditional ASIC miner would require to deliver the same amount of hashing power. MYNER is a domestic miner. Its place is in a home, not in a mining farm – and we’re determined to keep things this way.