How Work

How does Myner achieve all of this?

Decentralized Myner Network.

Myner runs on the Green Myner software, which may be installed and operated in virtually every region of the world. Green is a global decentralized network of anonymous software operators.

Green Myner performs complex cryptographic computations to verify and confirm transactions and provides secure data storage for the delivery of Green products and services. 

Green Myner Software.

Green is a decentralized community of individuals and businesses who are connected to the Green Blockchain using Green Myner software. Green Myner software creates a decentralized network of computers that perform computations, confirm transactions and secure data.

Runs on a SBC Device

Green Myner Software is compatible with any simple SBC device. Green Myner Software can also be installed and operated on a virtual private server.

Intuitive Interface

All Green Myner Software includes a powerful and intuitive interface which allows you to actively monitor your node’s performance and regularly track the rewards you earn.

Computations decentralized

Each Green Myner Software supports the Blockchain by independently confirming transactions, securing data and providing a decentralized network using advanced blockchain cryptography.

Earning rewards

Green Myner Software operators are compensated in rewards, a Bitcoin like reward for supporting the project and providing unused computational power on their personal computer or device.

MYNER runs on a common Raspberry PI4 mini-computer and Tower.

These are silent, don’t overheat and have a very reasonable energy consumption. Machines running the “Green Node” can be installed and operate virtually anywhere in the world. The network is global, decentralised and anonymous.

Under the hood

These kind of miners work with local part made by a python software in a OS Linux environment with al Crypto-Algo and Virtual CPU/GPU System and with a remote part made by a connection with a cluster orchestration system (a Platform as a Service) that realises a distributed/decentralised pattern (not a classical centralised farm) or rather an edge-cloud computing system (adding the hash rates of all connected machines).

Swap Mining Currency

Our workers mines from 11 to 15 different cryptocurrencies and not only BitCoin.