Technical Features


Multy Currency Mini-miner

How it Works

These kind of Miners, work whit local part made by a “Pyton-software in a OS Linux

environment”whit al “Crypto-Algo and Virtual CPU/GPU System” an whit a remote part made by a

connection whit a cluster orchestration system (a Platform as a Service) that realizes a

distributed/decentralized pattern (not a classical centralized Farm) or rather an edge-cloud

computing system (adding the hashrates of all connected machines).


- Stable connection with ai least 8MBps upstream (i.e.> 64Mbps) for each device (if you use

the extension with physical cards, better from 20MBps up)

- Optical connection: via RJ45 ethernet cable

- Uptime: 99.9% over 24 hours, 7 out of seven for 12 months – minimum voltage: 12V,

6000mAh, from 48W to 50W

- Stable voltage (avoid shock)

- Standard ambient temperature: 14° C

- Optimal ambient temperature: 14C

- Operating temperature of the device, max 50° C (if it exceeds this temperature, the device

stop for protection)

- Do not tamper whit the device and do not use credentials to access the system and copy or

modify the content (software) as each violation is recorded in the P.a.a.S logs, and the

system stops mining

- Do not disconnect the Stratum services. platform, the system will stop working

- In case of extended item, do not disconnect the boards, otherwise the system will stop

- Do not close the browser and terminal as the system will stop working

- This MCM150W worker can mine (unsecured) from 0.5 to 0.6 equivalent units BTC in 12



It’s only a conventional mode of measure the mined value from different mining pool with different

cryptocurrencies (because our workers mines from 11 to 15 different cryptocurrencies and not only

BitCoin). Our platform swaps between cryptocurrencies to eventually get BitCoin or Ether.