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Myner, Now You Can Also Rent Fractions of Miners

Myner, in addition to providing the best software available on the market, offers the possibility of renting fractions of real machines for a certain period.

  • Rental Period 1 - 5 years
  • Modulated Service Access Costs
  • Total Return of Rental Cost at End of Period


Our technology constitutes a much needed leap forward in cryptocurrency mining: no more high electricity costs and complex procedures, MYNER makes mining cheap, easy and affordable.

By allowing anyone to participate

MYNER helps to make the blockchain as decentralised, democratic and free as possible. A self-sustaining device that allows you to profit from your own electricity. MYNER allows you to leverage on the infrastructure already present in your home. MYNER’s network is supported by an active community of enthusiasts – the prototype of the miners of the future.